What is Flying Block ?

Flying Block is a consultancy project focusing on use-case solutions on blockchains and distributed ledger platforms. With expertise covering open and closed networks, we are committed to growing the digital asset space through in-depth case studies and other proof of concepts.

Our set of offerings

  • Case studies in the digital asset industry. They will also feature proof of concepts on multiple blockchains, featuring sample implementations.
  • Solution and enterprise profiles covering open, closed, permissioned, and permissionless networks. It includes popular networks like Ethereum, Cosmos, Quorum, and Hyperledger, with more being added over time.
  • Overviews of existing use cases in the blockchain industry and other technical discussions help demystify some of the blockchain benefits and limitations, along with its growing range of use cases.

Our differentiating features

  • Platform agnosticism:unlike most consultancy businesses and other available online documentation, Flying Block does not serve any corporation nor attempt to promote a secret agenda.
  • Fundamentals first: Flying Block focuses on fundamentals and network primitives, including economics, business requirements, and other network-driven elements.
  • Solving real-world problems:Flying Block attempts to provide solutions to real-world problems. Blockchain technology should be a means to solve existing problems, not an end by itself.

Why Flying Block?

Flying Block will always want to be a “free electron” in the crypto space. Unlike most companies in the crypto industry, we do not promote any specific business or have an underlying agenda.

Flying Block is committed to growing the crypto and blockchain space by promoting real-world solutions through proof of concepts and in-depth case studies.